10. Editing Text

Figure 9. Text Page

Text has five atrributes that you can modify. The first is the format string to use (See the table below for specifics). Width allows you to set a maximum width for the text. If the width is zero or greater than the width of the notification it will automatically be set to the width of the notification minus the position of the text. Clipping allows you to decide what happens when all of the text will not fit. You have four options for when this occurs. You can either truncate the text, or put an ellipsis at the beginning, middle, or end. The text that is used for the ellipsis can be modified within the theme options page. Lastly, there is font and color, which modify the text's font and color respectively.

Table 2. Format Tokens

%A literal '%'
aAccount name
CThe conversation title
cThe conversation name
DDate formatted using the theme option
dThe day of the month
HHour (0-23)
hHour (0-12)
iYour public IP address
MMonth (1-12)
mMinute (0-59)
NComputer name
nBuddy's name (following preferences for aliases)
pProtocol ID
rReceived message
sSeconds (0-59)
TTime formatted using the theme option
tSeconds since the epoc
uComputer username
WThe name of who warned you (Does this even work?)
wYour warning level or the theme option
XExtra info (needs clarification)
YYear with century
yYear without century